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Thermal protection of containers, tanks, reservoirs

Thermal protection of containers, tanks, reservoirs, used for the production, transportation or storage of process liquids, contributes to the efficient maintenance of technological processes.

Thermal protection (insulation) can be used for such equipment as:

Thermal insulation of containers, reservoirs, tanks allows to:

When choosing a material for thermal protection of insulation, tanks and reservoirs, it is important to take into account the strength and deformation properties of the insulation objects. It is technologically correct to calculate the optimal load on surfaces, supporting structures and other elements. The temperature indicators of process liquids differ depending on the production processes (storage), therefore, the use of materials with a wide range of operating temperatures are required. In cases of protecting tank structures from condensation, it is advisable to use materials with low vapor permeability. It is more efficient to insulate containers and tanks storing high-temperature contents with flexible boards or mats, including those based on ceramic fiber.

Our specialists will familiarize you in detail with the products for thermal protection of containers, tanks, reservoirs and carry out supplies and, if necessary, will install thermal protection. For a description and photos of the performed work, see the section "Projects".




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