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Thermal protection of containers, tanks, reservoirs

Thermal protection of containers, tanks, reservoirs used for the production, transportation or storage of process fluids contributes to the efficient implementation of technological processes.

Thermal insulation (protection) can be applied to:

Thermal protection of reservoirs, containers, tanks allows to:

When choosing a material for the insulation of industrial tanks and containers, it is important to take into account the strength and deformation features of the insulation objects. It is important to calculate the optimal loads on surfaces, supporting structures and other elements. Temperature indicators of process fluids vary depending on their manufacturing (storage) processes, so materials with a wide operating temperature range are often required. When protecting capacitive equipment from condensate, it is advisable to use materials with low vapor permeability. Containers and tanks with high-temperature contents are more efficiently insulated with flexible plates or mats, including those based on ceramic fiber.

The company's specialists will advise you in detail on thermal protection products, supply and, if necessary, install insulation for tanks and containers. Go to "Projects" to see description and photos of the work performed. 



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