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Insulation of industrial boilers and furnaces 

is a complex process of protecting their surfacesr.

What is important to consider when insulating boilers and furnaces?

When designing a thermal insulation structure, it is very important to take into account the features of this type of equipment, for example, exposure to high temperatures, mechanical expansion of the structure, vibrations, and surface complexity. Therefore, materials with high thermal properties are needed for the thermal insulation of industrial boilers and furnaces: 

Benefits of industrial insulation for boilers and furnaces

A competent approach to solving such issues as the choice of materials, technology of work and the contractor will allow to achieve higher quality indicators in the operation of the equipment. Among them:

It should be noted that it is recommended to use a multi-layer construction (with overlapping joints) in order to minimize heat losses. It will also save money on the further operation of the equipment.

The durability of thermal insulation of industrial boilers and furnaces depends on their design features and operating conditions, including the location of the object to be insulated, the operating mode of the equipment, the degree of environmental aggressiveness, and the intensity of mechanical impacts. The service life of the heat-insulating material and the heat-insulating structure as a whole is largely determined by the type of protective coating and the quality of installation work.

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