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Insulation of industrial ducts and filters

Industrial ventilation ducts are used to convey warm or cold air. The effectiveness of thermal insulation of ducts and ventilation pipes is as follows:

Where to start isolating industrial ducts?

The quality of design and installation are of particular importance when solving problems of protection against the formation of condensate on the surface of the ducts. The thermotechnical calculation must correctly determine the thermal insulation system, including the thickness of the insulating layer, and the installation must ensure a tight fit of the materials.

Considering the tasks and working conditions for thermal insulation of ducts and ventilation pipes, materials with the following properties are required:

Popular materials for insulating industrial ducts and filters:

Industrial filter insulation

The filters are thermally insulated when it is necessary to maintain a certain level of temperature inside the machine, to reduce heat losses, to prevent condensation and increase the life of the equipment.

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