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Thermal industrial insulation

Nowadays, energy saving is an acute issue. Thermal insulation is one of the most effective and demanded methods of energy saving.

Industrial thermal insulation can be used for:

In order to achieve high energy efficiency of industrial equipment:

Since the thermal insulation of industrial equipment performs more than one important function, the selection of materials should take place for each specific object, taking into account the physical and technological characteristics and tasks. Today, innovative thermal insulation products are being developed by manufacturers to work with certain temperature tolerances, improved constructive solutions, unique qualities and simplicity of installation. They produce high-quality and durable materials in the form of mats and boards, including the ones based on ceramic fiber link, cylinders and others. Manufacturers extend the service life of thermal insulation structures, take into account their location, operating mode, operating features, environmental influence, mechanical stress, etc.

Design and calculation of thermal insulation of industrial equipment is carried out in accordance with engineering techniques and the requirements of regulatory documents. The services of our company will provide a reasonable selection of materials for thermal insulation and their high-quality installation, as well as reliable equipment protection and cost saving. Photos and descriptions of the performed work can be found in the "Projects".



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