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Selection of a contractor for the manufacture and supply of equipment and materials 

is one of the important stages in the implementation of projects for the construction, repair and modernization of furnaces and other industrial equipment.

Such equipment and materials include:

  • refractories, technical ceramics, textiles, fasteners;
  • thermal insulation materials;
  • burner equipment;
  • control and measuring equipment;
  • metal structures and others.

The main tasks of the supply department are to minimize the customer's costs while adhering to the principle of the best price-quality ratio, as well as shortening delivery time. In the case of urgent equipment repair, a long wait for the delivery of materials can lead to equipment downtime and financial losses. Inventum Polska solves such problems by providing top-level logistic services, maintaining the appropriate volume of warehouse stocks and concluding direct contracts with the world's leading manufacturers of materials and equipment. And also with the use of own materials under the trademark Termo-Protekt.

Often, the client does not know exactly what materials and equipment is needed and in what quantity. In this case, the project department of Inventum Polska carries out diagnostics of the facility and corresponding calculations.

We supply materials necessary for the repair, construction, reconstruction or modernization of furnaces and other industrial equipment, including mats, boards, modules, textiles based on ceramic fiber by TM Termo Protekt, refractory and insulating bricks, refractory mixtures, insulating materials, metal structures, etc.


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