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Year 2020
Type Industrial insulation: ducts and filters

Our company has successfully completed the reconstruction of the thermal insulation of electrostatic precipitators, diffusers and nozzles at the Enea Połaniec power plant.

The old insulation layer (mineral wool) and the protective layer (metal profile sheet) were dismantled.

The next stage was welding work to prepare the surface of the electrostatic precipitators for insulation, namely the installation of anchors and profiles for attaching the profile sheets.

After that, the installation of mineral wool, 2 layers of 100 mm each, was carried out, as well as the covering of the mineral wool with a profile sheet of T-35 metal according to the customer's requirements.

The final stage was the installation and framing of all the necessary elements (corners, hatches, expansion joints, joints, gutters, drainage system) to prevent moisture from entering the insulation layer. All joints are treated with high temperature silicone.