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Year 2021
Type Industrial insulation: ducts and filters

Our company performed thermal insulation work from May to November in 2019 during the modernization of the gas boiler at the Żerań Thermoelectric Power Station. A set of works was completed, including: 

  • dismantling of an old layer of the thermal insulation made of mineral wool and protective metal coating;
  • welding and anti-corrosion treatment;
  • installation of thermal insulation (thermal insulation layer made of mineral wool) on the gas boiler circuits;
  • the recirculating duct in the engine room was insulated;
  • insulation of pipelines and steam pipelines with a diameter of 20 mm to 1500 mm, condensate collectors, steam rakes, etc. was also performed;
  • the final stage was sheathing insulating materials with a protective layer of galvanized profiled sheet.