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Inventum Polska project department provides comprehensive engineering services 

construction, reconstruction, modernization and repair of various types of industrial furnaces, boilers and other industrial equipment.

We offer the following services:

  • industrial design at the technical and commercial and tender proposal stages;
  • development of design documentation;
  • installation drawings;
  • installation and operating instructions;
  • tasks for process control system;
  • construction;
  • as well as all necessary documentation for general design.

We also provide engineering training for production, optimization of design solutions developed by other organizations, with the aim of reducing the client's capital and operating costs.

At the design stage, our specialists implement advanced technical solutions, such as modern energy-efficient materials and equipment. This makes it possible to achieve greater reliability and durability of equipment, as well as to reduce the consumption of energy resources and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and to reduce the cost of manufactured products and the payback period of projects.

Our company successfully fulfills each task due to the work of an experienced and well-coordinated team of specialists who constantly improve their knowledge, have a research base, specialized software and consult with leading companies that manufacturers of materials and equipment.

It is worth noting that since the company was established, we have successfully implemented more than 60 projects in 5 EU countries.

More detailed information about our projects and reviews can be found in the relevant sections of our website.



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