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Engineering services for the installation

Inventum Polska provides engineering services for the installation, modernization and repair of industrial insulation of:


We perform:


When designing industrial insulation, we use advanced technical solutions and modern energy-efficient materials. This allows you to achieve:


Types of industrial insulation

First of all, insulation must be effective and have reliable protection against external factors (mechanical damage, weather conditions). The most common type of work performed by Inventum Polska is thermal insulation. But insulation also happens to maintain a negative temperature, to maintain the stability of the temperature regimes of refrigeration chambers or ventilation systems.

Industrial insulation also includes acoustic insulation, such as acoustic enclosures, ducts and pipelines, silencers at the inlet and outlet of industrial equipment.

When designing industrial insulation, the values specified in the current legal regulations must be taken into account, such as the permissible maximum surface temperature of the outer protective layer. These standards are specified in the detailed rules for calculating the properties of industrial installations, equipment and entire buildings. Although the codes clearly state the rules for designing insulation, this is not an easy task. The equipment of workshops and other industrial facilities is very diverse, so many additional parameters must be taken into account in order to maintain the sequence of work and its maximum efficiency.

High-quality implementation of the tasks described above is guaranteed thanks to the work of an experienced well-coordinated team of Inventum Polska! This is evidenced by the implementation of more than 60 projects by us and reviews of our customers.



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