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Year 2023
Type Industrial insulation: pipelines

Industry: Mining

Country: Celiny, Poland

Year of implementation: 2023



  • to carry out complete insulation of industrial equipment in the threshing shop in Stone Mountain Sp. o.o. granite mine, Celiny, Poland.



During the project implementation:

  • comprehensive insulation of the following components was carried out:
    • process filter;
    • pipelines;
    • fan;
    • combustion chamber burner;
  • materials were used in accordance with customer requirements:
    • Rockwool ProRox WM 950 mineral wool 100 mm and 150 mm thick with a protective sheath of galvanized flat sheet 0.7 mm thick;
  • approximately 500 m2 of insulation was completed.


The production of galvanized sheets, as well as installation (construction, welding, laying of mineral wool, installation of galvanized sheets) was carried out by our professional staff.

6 Inventum Polska specialists were involved in the project.



The work was carried out:

  • professionally;
  • in full compliance with the technical requirements;
  • within the established time limit;
  • based on customer feedback.